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From the start of CMRF in the US, we have raised more than $10 million from generous Americans who believe that every sick child deserves every chance at health and happiness.

This includes $5 million raised since 2012 that reinvigorated the aging St. Theresa’s Cardiac Ward – which, at more than 60 years old and hosting more than 550 patients annually, was failing to provide the best possible experience for patients and families. But through the commitment and support of people like you, we were able to give back the highest level of care, comfort and dignity to patients and families.
Thank you for saving lives

Your gifts make a significant impact on diagnosing and healing sick children

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Quality of Life (Clinical Research Fellowship)

A child suffering from an illness feels the impact of that battle every day, as do their parents and family members caring for them. All children should have the opportunity to play, laugh, and enjoy life as much as possible, but these illnesses can be limiting. Our doctors and researches radically improve these children’s quality of life through cutting edge medical research, faster diagnoses, innovative treatments, and personalized medical plans.

Patient Experience (GI Unit)

On average, children admitted to a hospital will spend 5 days in the hospital ward. That’s a long time for a young child to be away from the comforts of home. We believe that kids heal faster and stronger if they are happy and comfortable during these long periods of time in the hospital. Through specially designed kid-friendly areas, we provide parties, toys, gifts, entertainment and celebrity visits to ensure these little heroes are comfortable while they battle their illnesses. We also support their families through break rooms, parent facilities and kitchens, and an expansive library with staff to promote educational and leisure reading. Using innovative trials of new pain management techniques and improved scanning technologies, we are reducing time away from home.

Saving Lives (Cystic Fibrosis)

At CMRF, we are dedicated to providing high quality care for sick children, allowing them to thrive and live a healthy life. To ensure our tiny patients have the best possible care, both medically and personally, we fund cutting edge research to access life-saving medicine, treatments and clinical trials, tailored for each child and their specific illness. We fund clinical fellowships and educational scholarships to ensure the doctors and nurses at Crumlin are at the forefront of medical research and have access to cutting edge technology. With the help of our dedicated donors, we can save more lives and ensure our patients have the best care possible.