5th Annual Virtual Cycle
Around the World
June 15 - July 30th, 2024


For directions to Winged Foot and for event policy please visit www.wfgc.org.

The proceeds of this year’s fundraising events will continue to support the work of Children's Health Ireland and their critical work in pediatric research. Not only impacting the lives of Irish children, but children around the globe. Today's research is tomorrow's cures.

For additional information or to make a reservation please call Carla Capone at 212.213.1166 or email events@carlacapone.com


5th Annual Virtual Cycle Around the World

It is approximately 25,000 miles to travel around the world, and the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (CMRF Inc.) is seeking volunteers across the globe this June to get on their bikes and collectively reach this target to raise funds for world-class pediatric research.

Individual and Group Challenges:You don't need to set up a big event or get a crowd together. You can set a personal goal to cycle a specific distance and ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts! Get inventive and rally your community to give, but do it your own way! There are so many ways you can raise vital funds solo, at home, or by taking on a DIY challenge

Corporate Sponsorship and Events: This is also a great way to get your team involved in a corporate, socially responsible way to raise money together and be healthy for a fantastic cause. CMRF will sponsor exclusive cycle jerseys for you and your team doing group cycles. Contact us to find out more.

Your efforts will help to support world-leading scientists who are dedicated to improving the lives of sick children, not only in Ireland but having a global impact. Because of generous individuals like you, we can better understand some of the most serious illnesses facing children today, so they can be diagnosed quickly and treated with kinder and more efficient methods.

Together we can do #WhateverItTakes.