The Children's Medical Research Foundation, Inc. is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The organization is managed by our 20 member Board of Directors. In fiscal year 2016, 77.1% of funds raised were dedicated to program activities. Each year, we undergo an independent financial audit in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service.

For check payments:

Please make checks payable to The Children’s Medical Research Foundation and mail for the attention of Carla Capone to the address below. Please detail the purpose of your contribution or payment in a brief cover letter. If in relation to an event, please provide name of the event to which your payment relates:

The Children’s Medical Research Foundation c/o The Carla Capone Company LLC 345 Park Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10154

Our lodgments:

ACH - US Dollar:

Bank of America

345 Park Avenue,

New York, NY 10154

Account Name: Children’s Medical Research Fdn, Inc.

Acct Number: 4830 7618 1813

ACH Routing: 021000322

Wire routing: 026009593

Swift code: BOAUS3N

ACH - Euro:

Allied Irish Bank

100-101 Grafton Street Dublin 2, Ireland

Account number: 11501369

IBAN: IE50 AIBK 9310 4711 5013 69


NSC: 93 10 47